Next Meeting

Wednesday, 22nd November. 10.30am to 12.30pm.

The Wild Gardens at Roath Park

We have been working over the past year with the Roath Park Ranger to improve the biodiversity of the Wild Gardens, the small woodland at the top of Roath Park. We began earlier this year clearing cherry laurel and initiated a programme to remove the highly invasive Himalayan balsam that, over the summer, smothers and therefore checks the spread of a more diverse flora. We planted whips to strengthen the tree cover and put up bird boxes to provide more opportunities for nesting birds.

The next phase of the programme begins on 22nd November, with further sessions on the 17th January 2024 and the 6th February. These sessions will focus on cutting back the cherry laurel. We will return in late May and June to tackle the Himalayan balsam.

We will provide the necessary equipment -secateursand loppers - as well as gloves for those who are not able to bring their own. Stout shoes and ‘gardening’ clothes are advised.

The sessions run for about two hours, however whatever time you can spare would be welcome. If we are to make a difference to this much used patch of diverse woodland it is essential that there is a good turnout to make the impact that is needed.

Meet atthe bridge on Wild Gardens Roadat 10.30am. There are often vans offering refreshments in the area for the public using the park.

Please check the website on the day prior to the event in case the weather prevents the event going ahead.

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