Tuesday, 16th July 10.30 - 12.30

Balsam Bashing at the Wild Gardens, Roath Park

We are delighted to report that the work to beat back the balsam in the Wild Gardens has made a huge difference. Together we have cleared much of the balsam that was dominating the woodland. Many thanks to volunteers from our Cardiff Group of WTSWW, the Stand for Nature Group, the Cardiff Rivers Group and volunteers who work with Gareth, the ranger for Roath Park. We have one final session this summer on 16th July to pull up as many of the remaining plants and to cut back some of the other growth that is spreading across paths. As always the more people who can make it the greater the impact we will have on increasing the biodiversity of this wood. As usual please wear stout footwear and long sleeved clothing. Meet at the bridge on Wild Gardens Road at 10.30.

We will be returning to the wood in the autumn to continue the clearing of the Cherry Laurel, alongside other activities. Watch this space, or even better sign up for the email notifications, for details about the WTSWW Cardiff Group activities and programme.

We know that there will be balsam in the Wild Gardens next summer, this is a long game, and we will have further sessions from May 2025 to further reduce its resilience.

Rob Pickford, Chair, Cardiff Local Group

Thursday, 5th September. 8pm - 10pm.

Bat Walk in Roath Park

This is an opportunity to identify the bats around Roath Park, using ultrasonic sound detectors. If there is time we will also stroll up through the Wild Gardens to identify any bats within the woods.

Meet by the bridge on Wild Gardens Road at 8pm.

WTSWW Cardiff 2022