Indoor meetings are held jointly with WildSoc, the student wildlife society of Cardiff University. Unless stated otherwise, they are held in the Wallace Lecture Theatre (0.13) of the Main Building of Cardiff University, starting at 7.30 pm.

Saturday 27th October. 10am to 3.30pm. One day conference

Unknown Wales Conference 2018.

A joint event between the Wildlife Trust and National Museum Wales celebrating the unknown wildlife of Wales. Book on For further details and a full programme, click here.

Thursday 15th November. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting

Wildlife Crime

PC Mark Goulding is a member of South Wales Police with responsibility for wildlife crime. He will be familiar to many of you as he works in close conjunction with Dr. Rhys Jones, and has featured in many episodes of‘Rhys to the Rescue’ on BBC television. Mark will be talking to us about the problem of wildlife crime and illustrating it with examples of recent cases he has investigated.

Thursday 6th December. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting

Saving near-extinct birds - the inspiring story of the Seychelles.

This talk, by well-known local ornithologist Dr. Al Venables, illustrates the range of birds and other wildlife to be seen in the Seychelles and describes recent successful programmes for saving several bird species that had become critically endangered.

Thursday 31st January 2019. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting

Pied Flycatcher declines in Wales: where and why.

Talk by Jez Smith from Cardiff University.

Thursday 28th February. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting

Recapturing, enhancing and celebrating the unique Gwent Levels Landscape—the work of Living Levels Landscape Partnership”.

by Gavin Jones (RSPB).

Thursday 21st March. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting and Local Group AGM.

The Wildlife of Glamorgan.

Local naturalist and wildlife photographer Paul Denning will cover some of the rare fauna and Flora of Glamorgan and show some of the species that have recently colonised South Wales.

Thursday 11th April. 7.30pm. Indoor Meeting

Title to be arranged.

Clare Dinham from Buglife.

Thursday 9th May 2019

To be arranged.

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